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Burnaby, British Columbia, March 13, 2018 – Orbital Research Ltd., a leader in frequency conversion products for SATCOM industries, today announced the launch of three new products: Ka and Ku-band block downconverters (BDCs) and a Ku-band low noise block downconverter (LNB) with multiple local oscillators.

Maximizing satellite terminal investments

Since 2003, Orbital Research has been helping satellite operators and system integrators maximize their antenna investments and multiply modem connections with BDCs. Orbital’s new BDCs up the ante with exceptional performance for high data rate applications.

“Our new Ka and Ku-band BDCs are built for any commercial or military application where high data throughput is critical,” said Orbital’s CEO, Ian McEachern. “This includes broadband internet and video applications on the ground, in the air, or on-the-move.”

Orbital’s BDCs perform equally well on airplanes and vehicles as they do standing still. They have a variety of Monitor & Control options and can integrate into customers’ existing network management systems.

Reliability in the world’s most demanding conditions

In addition to the BDCs, Orbital launched a new high-performance Ku-band LNB:

“The Orbital Ku-Band Multi-LO LNB operates with multiple local oscillator frequencies, providing unparalleled flexibility and access to any Ku satellite band. You can use it anywhere in the world – no more swapping in different LNBs depending on the region you’re in,” said McEachern.

Like the new BDCs, this LNB delivers high data throughput for both commercial and military SATCOM applications – and is ideal for extreme temperatures and rugged environments, including airborne and vehicle-mounted terminals. It provides up to 2 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and can be customized to fit any customer specification.

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