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Rack-Mounted BDCs

Orbital Flexibility

Engineered using the highest quality components insures you from failure due to environmental extremes such as arctic cold, Saharan heat, and rain-forest humidity. Our LNB is protected from man-made conditions such as chock, vibration, low power, over-voltage, surges, transients, and static discharge. Performance is consistent and replacements will match or exceed your original device.

“Mass-Custom” Solution

Orbital starts with the proven performance product that is extremely well engineered with the development costs amortized over thousands of units and the parts costs reduced by volume discounts. We then customize the mass produced DRO LNB into an external reference version at 1/100 the cost of designing and building from scratch.

General Description

The 1RU, 19 inch rack-mount block downconverter assembly translates RF inputs into IF outputs.

The converters contain internal crystal controlled, high stability frequency references. All crystal oscillators are constantly powered up so there is no warm up time when switching to the BDC module. A splitter provides signal to all BDC modules (up to four in a single rack), at once. Non-selected units will have their local VCO oscillators powered down to minimize spurious and in-band interference.

For a description of our BDC modules, see Block Downconverters.

Orbital Design

Up to four BDC modules may be integrated into a single rack-mount chassis. There are a variety of choices for the BDC frequency range within each band: C, X, Ku, & Ka.

External Reference versions are available for C, Ku and Ka bands only at this time. Enquiries for X band are welcomed.

RPT – Redundant Power Tee Specifications

3D Drawing (Solidworks drawing is available on request)

pdf icon Click to download specs & mechanical PDF

Switching Power Supply

PS1 for North America
PS2 for Global

Mechanical Drawing

The Orbital RPT – Redundant Power Tee provides automatic DC power supply redundancy at a low cost. Shown here with dual power supplies, (not included).

pdf icon Click to download Manual PDF

SIP Solutions

Systems Interface Products Although Combiners and Oscillators are also SIP products, we have narrowed the definition here to just include Bias Tees, Diplexers, Mux Tees, TTL Switches, Thru Tees, Dual Power Tees, etc.

Here are standard applications for each of these products. Here’s how to insert 10 MHz, insert DC, extract 10 MHz, block DC, extract DC, multiplex DC L band and 10 MHz, and perform impedance transforms while you do it.

Using a Hi Power Thru Tee to power a BUC
Modem has DC power, but not enough to power my new BUC.

4 Way Combiner with 10 MHz Oscillator and Hi Power DC insert.
I want to lock several modems to a single 10 MHz Oscillator, and insert high power DC to my BUC.

Orbital 2-way Combiner using 10 MHz from one of the modems and Hi Power Mux/Tee to insert DC power
I have a pair of modems, one of which provides a 10 MHz reference, but I don’t have enough power from my modem for my new high power BUC.

Orbital Combiner/Divider stripping out the 10MHz from only one of two modems
I have a pair of modems and I need to use the 10 MHz reference from one of them and split it. I need to take the L-Band signal from both modems and combine it with the 10 MHz reference. Now I need to insert DC power for a pair of high power BUCS.

Orbital Combiner/Divider using a MOS 10 MHz Oscillator
I need to combine the L-Band signals from a pair of modems with an common, external 10 MHz source, and insert power to a pair of high power BUCs.

Using an Orbital Hi Power Thru Tee to circumvent a divider or switch
My modem does not have sufficient DC to power my BUCs, and I can’t switch DC power to the BUC, what to do?

Horizontal/Vertical Polarity 1 for 2 Redundant System
We need a system that will provide us with both horizontal and vertical polarities at Ku Band. In addition, the system must offer 1 for 2 redundancy.

More SIP Solutions

Using a Mux Tee
Using an Orbital MT-40 Mux Tee to multiplex the L-Band, and 10 MHz reference signals with DC power for a BUC.

Using a Bias Tee
Using an Orbital MT-40 Mux Tee as a Bias Tee to insert DC Power to a BUC

Using a Diplexer
Using an Orbital MT-40 Mux Tee as a Diplexer to insert a 10 MHz reference to a BUC

Using Redundant Power Tee
Using an Orbital Redundant Power Tee provides inexpensive power supply redundancy.

Using a Thru Tee
Using an Orbital Thru Tee to provide a separate DC power supply to the BUC, while passing the 10 MHz signal through from the modem.

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