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For immediate release: March 22nd, 2022 – Burnaby, BC

Orbital Research Breaks the Phase Noise Barrier with New Wideband Frequency Converter

Orbital Research – a manufacturer of professional satellite components – is pleased to announce the launch of a new wideband Ka-Band Low Noise Block Downconverter (LNB) with ultra-low phase noise, marking an industry breakthrough in phase noise reduction. This new converter delivers average phase noise that is 10 dB better per offset than the existing Mil-Std-188-164c standard. It also meets the more aggressive proposed new standard anticipated in the near future.

This new product was developed in response to satellite industry demands for low phase noise converters. It allows operators to increase throughput and reduce bit error rate (BER) – making satcom systems more efficient by optimizing expensive satellite bandwidth. Compliant with the anticipated changes in standard, the wideband LNB will save Orbital’s clients thousands of dollars in upgrades. 

“We are proud to have created the best LNB with ultra-low phase noise. Our team did a phenomenal job designing this converter”, states Ian McEachern, Orbital Research President and CEO.  “Not only did we break the phase noise barrier, but we improved performance in all areas including industry leading noise figure, P1dB and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), at the same time.” 

“This is a significant innovation for clients,” adds Trevor Hiebert, VP of Sales & Marketing.  “They can dramatically improve throughput, reducing the cost of satellite spectrum.”

Orbital Research is known for exceptional design engineering. For nearly 20 years, the company has developed creative solutions to the world’s greatest satellite communication challenges. 

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About Orbital Research

Orbital Research manufactures high-performance frequency converters and RF components for the satellite communications (SATCOM) industry. Their products – low noise block downconverters (LNBs), block downconverters (BDCs), low noise amplifiers (LNAs), space-based frequency converters, bias tees and more – offer the highest quality and reliability, even in the most challenging conditions.

Orbital Research provides standard and custom SATCOM equipment to customers in military, aeronautical, earth observation, satellite news gathering (SNG), SATCOM-on-the-move (SOTM) and other satellite industries. Because their frequency converters and components are professionally engineered, hand-tuned and individually tested, they guarantee high performance.

To learn more about Orbital Research, please visit www.orbitalresearch.net or call 1.604.419.8585 ext 225.

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