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X-Band LNBs

X-Band Earth Observation LNB

Maximize downlink throughput for your X-band earth observation (EO) satellites – even during short flyover times – with the Orbital X-Band EO Low Noise Block Downconverter (LNB).

This powerful LNB supports applications that transmit large volumes of earth observation data over the X-band frequency, such as high-resolution satellite imagery. Take advantage of its low noise figure to minimize the size of your receiving terminal – while maintaining your antenna gain-to-noise temperature (G/T) specifications.

  • Very low phase noise and DVB-S2X compliance for maximum data throughput
  • Low noise figure and flat frequency response for optimal G/T
  • Local oscillator flexibility for custom L-band frequency conversions
  • Aluminum sealed enclosure for extreme conditions – IP67 and RF isolation

The Orbital X-Band EO LNB is built for remote sensing, optical imaging and radar imaging satellites. It is ideally suited to LEO and MEO SmallSats with regulatory access to X-band spectrum.

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