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Phase Lock Oscillator


Phase Lock Oscillator – Engineered for consistent performance

The Orbital Research Phase Locked Oscillator (PLO) is designed for communications systems requiring extremely accurate timing. High modulation and coding techniques (ModCods) require extremely low phase noise. The Orbital Research PLO phase locks to the station’s 10 MHz reference, reduces system phase noise, and filters out any extraneous signals.

This allows a 10 MHz station reference to be distributed to non-collocated equipment like modems and up-and-down converters while maintaining or enhancing the station clock phase noise. This PLO is perfect for applications that require all equipment to use the same reference clock but require that clock to be distributed without phase noise degradation.

The device comes with a 2-port 10 MHz built-in splitter for easy distribution to equipment.

Key advantages: 

  • One station clock can be replicated across complex, large systems
  • Maintain signal strength despite system challenges
  • Build a well-timed system
  • Reduce phase noise
  • Customize phase noise for different networks
  • Know the status of your system, real-time from anywhere in the world
  • Distribute the output of two or more devices when you have more than one converter
  • Worry-free stable signal if your other clock goes down
  • Plug and Play for easy installation
  • Reliable signal through for higher order ModCods
  • Immune to humidity and wet weather conditions
  • Minimizes EMI radiation to ensure it does not become an antenna
  • Anodized case prevents oxidization

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Pin Description
1 Ground
2 No Connection
3 Lock Alarm +5V = Good
4 DC In +18 to +24 VDC

Orbital Phase Lock Oscillator Brochure


  • 10MHz or 100 MHz
  • 2 Port or 6 Port


  • phase locking
  • loss of lock indicator for monitoring and control
  • built in splitter (2 or 6 port)
  • redundant reference timer
  • plug and play
  • ultra-low phase noise
  • mounting plate for easy install
  • IP67 rated means it will operate in extreme humidity and weather conditions
  • anodized aluminum case prevents the unit from behaving like an antenna

Perfect for applications that require all equipment to use the same reference clock, but require that clock to be distributed without phase noise degradation.




  1. Gateways or Teleports that already have a station clock, but need enhanced Phase Noise performance for higher order ModCods
  2. Gateways or Teleports that need to provide distributed reference signals near the antenna that are locked to an existing station clock due to distance or signal strength issues
  3. Terminals that require a stable back-up (standby) reference in case of primary failure – Orbital PLO provides a stable reference signal in free running mode


Reference Oscillator that phase locks
When your satellite dish needs accurate and reliable timing.


Satcom reference oscillator

How to order


J2: 10 MHz Reference In

J3: Splitter In

J4: 10 MHz Reference Out

J5: Splitter Out – Port 1

J6: Splitter Out – Port 2

J7: Splitter Out – Port 3 (6 port PLO Only)

J8: Splitter Out – Port 4 (6 port PLO Only)

J9: Splitter Out – Port 5 (6 port PLO Only)

J10: Splitter Out – Port 6 (6 port PLO Only)


The both the 2-Port and the 6-Port models, please contact sales at 1-604-419-8585 or contact us.

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