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Orbital 5400X Off-the-Shelf External Reference Ku-Band LNB

Orbital 5400X Off-the-Shelf External Reference Ku-Band LNB

The Orbital 5400X is an excellent entry-level Ku LNB at an economical price. Built for professional SATCOM, this off-the-shelf LNB offers three Ku frequency ranges for the three ITU regions around the world. It spans 10.95 GHz to 12.75 GHz with bandwidths of either 500 MHz or 750 MHz – and provides excellent performance. Compare it against your existing Ku LNB and see the difference.

  • Professional Ku LNB at an entry-level price
  • External 10 MHz reference
  • Available for 3 ranges between 10.95 GHz and 12.75 GHz
  • Superior noise figure and gain flatness
  • Fixed or mobile satellite communications

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*SMA output connectors also available
**Comes with ‘O’ ring seal and M4 hex screws

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Sample Use Cases:

Sample use case: Bringing 3 LNBs under the discipline of a single 10 MHz oscillator

Sample use case: Feeding 5 receivers with 5 LNBs and a single 10 MHz oscillator

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