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Is RF Power At The Front End What You’re Really Up Against?


P1dB comes up all the time in discussions with satcom integrators. Clients often ask us how to get a better P1dB from the frequency converter.

We could design an LNB with a higher P1dB if you want. But it will involve trade-offs. And it may not work. For example, can your system tolerate a higher noise figure? LNB gain could also overload the modem front end.  A higher P1dB at the LNB would fail entirely at the modem.

Satcom Wave Guide AttenuatorIf we look at the entire system’s design, we often learn there is a large reflector in the system that is screaming power at the LNB. There is simply too much input signal for the amplifier. Is it possible you are trying to solve this front end signal load issue? Solving for a higher P1dB indicates we may have a power imbalance.

So how do you improve satellite signal quality? When we look at the entire system design with you, we can find better solutions for your unique factors. In the case of a large reflector, we would propose a wave-guide attenuator in front of the LNB as a much more efficient way to solve the problem rather than trying to increase your P1dB.

Are you wondering how that would affect the Carrier to Noise ratio? We tested for that too. If you are curious about the results, please give us a call to discuss. It would be great to hear from you.

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