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Rack-Mounted Precision OCXO Oscillator – 10 MHz

Our 1U RMO provides an ultra-low phase noise, stable and precise frequency reference essential for synchronizing operations across multiple devices within your earth station. This low-profile design allows for easy integration into existing reference distribution systems. Scalability, enhanced reliability with redundancy are built-in for added peace of mind. Ethernet monitor and control with SNMP functionality makes this unit ideal for network management systems. Available with multiple options for redundancy.


Low Phase Noise: ideal for high-order modulation schemes

High Stability: reduces acquisition time

Frequency Accuracy: optimizes network efficiency

Long-Term Stability: no need to recalibrate with a system that stays accurate for years

Scalable: attach up to 12 devices to save space and hardware costs

Redundancy: automatic switch to backup oscillator for continuous network operation

Compact: 1 U saves rack space

Monitor & Control: view status and alarms via ethernet, RS485, and front panel


Rack-mounted oscillators are optimal for those who design, operate, and maintain the following:

  • teleports, earth, and ground stations
  • ground control and TTAC stations
  • earth observation, satellite tracking, receiving stations

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