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LNB/LNA/BDC and BUC Redundant Switch Systems

Our low noise block downconverter (LNB), block downconverter (BDC), low noise  amplifier (LNA), and block upconverter (BUC) redundant systems are custom-made to your specifications. The outdoor unit can be modified for hub, boom, prime focus, rack and other mounting considerations – and the indoor controller is pre-mounted on a 1 RU 19-inch rail. Redundancy can be automatic (current sensing or external alarm) or manually selected. Power supply redundancy is automatic, and remote SNMP M&C via an Ethernet port is included.

If you need a custom redundancy system, please contact us and we’ll build one to your specifications. Alternatively, if you would like a smart, at-the-dish redundancy controller that can be operated remotely (no indoor unit required), please check out the Orbital iSwitch.

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Orbital ODU Features

  • Available with Orbital Research LNA’s/LNB’s or BDC’s or third party product
  • Plate mounting for Hub’s, booms or prime focus antennas
  • Pre-assembled and factory tested – plug and play functionality

Orbital IDU Features

  • 1 RU chassis – Simple LED display for monitor and control
  • Redundant external power supplies
  • Manual or automatic switching
  • Available in all frequency Bands – L, S, C, Ku, Ka, Q and V
  • 1:1 and 1:2 variants
  •  Custom versions available – ie tracking LNA monitoring
  • SNMP/Etherent Remote Access


  • Transmit Reject Filters
  • Offline Input & output access
  •  Input and output test couplers
  • Isolators for improved VSWR

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