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LNA, Wideband Ka-Band

Wideband Ka-Band LNA

The new Ka-band low noise amplifier (LNA) from Orbital Research provides bandwidth of 4.0 GHz for commercial and military SATCOM RF applications. Designed primarily for satellite teleports and gateways, telemetry, tracking and command applications (TT&C), and airborne terminals, this wideband amplifier offers exceptional performance and data throughput. This low noise amplifier offers:

  • 4.0 GHz wideband coverage, 17.2 to 21.2 GHz
  • High quality signal amplification
  • Low noise temperature: 105 K typical
  • 52 dB gain and excellent linearity across the band
  • Options for high temperatures and temperature-compensated gain
  • Optional remote monitoring capability

Our wideband Ka-band LNA leverages GaAs pHEMT MMIC technology and is small, lightweight, weatherproof and ruggedized. Each LNA is hand-tuned and comes with a data sheet that includes its own individual test results.

This LNA supports Ka High Throughput Satellites (HTS), Global Xpress (GX) and Wideband Gap Filler (WGS) configurations. It delivers the gain and linearity needed to handle higher-order modulation schemes like DVB-S2X, in both the GEO and LEO satellite markets.

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