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Rack-Mounted RRMB1:1-CXIR

2 BDCs in a 1:1 redundancy configuration


  • Up to four BDC modules in a single chassis
  • PLL and external reference BDC modules
  • Standard or precision oscillator inside the chassis
  • Redundant BDCs in the same chassis in one for one or one for two configurations
  • Redundant and switchable racks in one for one or one for two configurations
  • Horizontal and vertical polarities in the same chassis
  • Automatically switching redundant power supplies included
  • Always on crystals for PLLs for instant lock

Internal/External Power Supplies (Optional)

Power supplies, historically, have the lowest MTBF of the components in a system. The Orbital Internal / External power supply configuration was designed to provide inexpensive and rapid power supply replacement. A secondary benefit is the lower operating temperature of the external power supply thus extending its life.

The external power supply needs to be 24VDC, with a minimum current rating of 1.2 Amps. It is the main power supply. If it fails, the system switches to the internal power supply. This gives the customer time to replace the external power supply without any down time or without having to take the entire rackmounted chassis in for repair.

BDC Configurations

  • Single BDC – One input, one output.
  • Dual Wideband BDCs – Come in two main flavors, either switch between the modules as in high or low band or with two outputs (one per BDC), with both BDCs always on.
  • Dual Polarity BDCs – One for each of horizontal and vertical polarity – both BDCs are always on.
  • Dual Polarity, Dual Wideband – High and Low wideband BDCs that cover the whole band, and a second pair to cover both polarities. Two inputs, four outputs.
  • Tri Band – Three BDCs cover the entire band. Available in switchable single output and always on (three output) versions.

The above offerings are available in PLL or external reference versions, and are also available in redundant configurations, either as one for one or one for two systems.

BDC Solutions

The term BDC is commonly used to refer to the modules (which look like an LNB with the waveguide removed and replaced with a connector), and to the rack-mounted unit which might contain from one to several BDC modules.  BDCs are increasingly used in outdoor units at the antenna – ODUs, and have an indoor rack mounted controller – IDUs.  BDCs are commonly used when a client uses multiple BDCs and a single LNA to cover the entire band.

4 BDC Solution

Redundant Dual Polarity

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