Rack-Mounted RMB2-CXIR22

Rack-Mounted RMB2-CXIR22

Custom RF distribution and control systems

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Rackmount System Diagram


  • 2 BDCs: C-Band, External Reference. One internal 10 MHz reference source.
  • Available in a variety of BDC frequency ranges, gains, input and output connectors
  • 1 unit high chassis
  • Remote control and monitoring via Ethernet or RS232 connection as an option
  • Redundant power supply that is outside of chassis for easy retrofit


  • Remote monitor and control (optional)
  • Global power supply for use anywhere in the world

BDC Solutions

The term BDC is commonly used to refer to the modules (which look like an LNB with the waveguide removed and replaced with a connector), and to the rack-mounted unit which might contain from one to several BDC modules.  BDCs are increasingly used in outdoor units at the antenna – ODUs, and have an indoor rack mounted controller – IDUs.  BDCs are commonly used when a client uses multiple BDCs and a single LNA to cover the entire band.

4 BDC Solution

Redundant Dual Polarity

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