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Voltage Controller

Switch the frequency band of your LNB or BDC via voltage – from anywhere – with the Orbital Research Voltage Controller. This product is designed for any satellite terminal that uses multi-band frequency converters – and is perfect for redundant systems or installations with modems that do not support voltage switching. As a bonus, the Voltage Controller will also boost DC voltage on long cable runs and clean up the input power to provide an ultra-low-noise power source.

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Dimensional Drawing: Orbital OVC-Mech Drawing


  • User selection of 1 of 3 voltage outputs via contact closure or voltage to remotely switch bands
  • Ultra-low-noise linear supply (65 dB) for excellent Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR)
  • IP67 rated for harsh outdoor applications
  • Input voltage via quick-disconnect connectors – no soldering
  • Choice of connector types to fit any implementation
  • Optional output voltage LED indication


  • The system mounts out at the dish, out of the way, providing protection from long cable runs with voltage droop.
  • Diode protection to prevent accidental reverse polarity DC.
  • Solid billet milled box and lid.
  • Blue Anodized finish, MIL-STD-595
  •  IP67, RoHS & REACH compliant

Made for Professional Use, Made for Satellite:

Orbital Systems Interface Products are made specifically for the satellite industry and are designed for professional and industrial quality systems.  Orbital SIP products are built for rack mounting, and for use indoors or out.  They are also perfect at the dish or in the rack for creating a test point for live signals – without degrading ongoing operations.

Organizations with LNBs or BDCs that support band switching via the input voltage range can use the Orbital Voltage Controller to remotely select the desired frequency band. Orbital Research includes this functionality in all our redundant systems.

Long cable runs to devices like LNBs and BDCs can result in voltage loss or droop, affecting the performance of the end device. The Orbital Voltage Controller will clean up dirty power supplies for excellent PSRR.

Mobile applications where sensitive electronics like LNBs are powered by batteries or generators are also prime candidates. Clean and stable power provided via the Orbital Voltage Controller will keep electronics in peak operating condition.

Lab use is another key application as one Orbital Voltage Controller can provide ultra-low noise power with user-selectable voltages to test almost any system. Eliminating power supply noise can help isolate problems and provide the true RF performance of the device being tested.

Mechanical Drawing:

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