Orbital X-MIC External Reference X-Band LNB with Internal Isolator

Orbital X-MIC External Reference X-Band LNB with Internal Isolator

The Orbital Research X-MIC X-band low noise block downconverter (LNB) provides exceptional performance for ruggedized military satellite communications (SATCOM) applications. It delivers maximum data throughput, signal amplification and reliability – even in extreme operating conditions.

  • Market-leading linearity and low phase noise
  • Extremely low noise figure
  • Internal isolator for maximum signal transfer from antenna to amplifier
  • Built-in 55 dB transmit reject filter for minimal Tx interference
  • Small and lightweight case
  • Designed for extreme temperatures and vibration

This X-band external reference LNB is primarily used for military satellite terminals but it can also be tuned for earth observation applications. In addition to standard fixed satellite terminals, it can be used on top of moving vehicles or aircraft.

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Sample Use Cases:

Sample use case: Bringing 3 LNBs under the discipline of a single 10 MHz oscillator
Sample use case: Feeding 5 receivers with 5 LNBs and a single 10 MHz oscillator

High-performance LNBs and frequency conversion products for the most challenging SATCOM conditions on the planet.


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