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BDC, Ku-Band

Ku-Band Airborne BDC

Our airborne block downconverters (BDCs) for the Ku-band are built to support reliable in-flight connectivity and meet the extreme environmental conditions on aircraft. They come in two versions: fixed local oscillator (for a single Ku region) and multiple local oscillator (for multiple Ku regions). Like all Orbital BDCs, they enable high data rate applications with very low bit error rates.

  • External referenced for stability
  • Low phase noise for maximum data throughput
  • Preset signal gains from 20 to 45 dB
  • Linearity for higher-order modulation schemes
  • Options for temperatures up to 70°C


These BDCs are for military and commercial airborne SATCOM applications and can help customers provide reliable in-flight wifi, communication and entertainment. Built to AS9100 standards, they are designed for high altitude operation, high vibration environments and extreme thermal cycles – and can operate either in-cabin or externally with the antennas.

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