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Orbital 26 GHz Space-Based SmallSat Receiver

Orbital 26 GHz Space-Based SmallSat Receiver

The 26 GHz space-based small satellite receiver from Orbital Research delivers high performance for big-bandwidth LEO missions and earth observation (EO) systems. This agile frequency converter is a perfect front-end for software defined radios (SDRs) and on-board processors in the K-band SmallSat market. 

When paired with a Tethers International SWIFT SDR, our SmallSat receiver is a complete turn-key communications payload system – or it can be customized to suit your form factor. The device can be used for LEO, MEO, sun synchronous or polar orbit missions and allows for in-orbit changes to mission profiles.


Low noise figure, ultra-low phase noise, phase locked frequency synthesized local oscillator (LO), DVB-S2X compliance, CubeSat form factor 4x4 inches

K-Bands covered:

22.55 to 23.15 GHz - Earth to Space
24.65 to 24.75 GHz - Earth to Space, Inter-Satellite
24.75 to 25.25 GHz - Earth to Space
25.25 to 25.50 GHz - Inter-Satellite
25.50 to 27.00 GHz - EO Space to Earth, Inter-Satellite


Space-to-space crosslinks, earth-to-space telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C), earth-to-space broadband communication uplinks/downlinks

A companion ground terminal K-band EO LNB is also available.

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