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Rely on Rock-Solid LNBs, with ARSTRAT Certification and Exceptional Performance

From monitoring, active reconnaissance, or operations in hot zones, reliable SATCOM equipment is critical to the safety of your team and the success of your mission. Your satcom communications must be ready – down to the smallest component part.

Orbital Research has been a trusted supplier to the military industry for decades, with a proven track record in meeting even the most demanding custom specifications. Our equipment is designed to operate anywhere – in the most extreme weather, on unstable terrain, or on top of a moving vehicle.

Key Product Features

  • Mil-STD. Designed to meet Mil Specs
  • Intuitive interface. Built-in push button controller for multi LO variants
  • Remote Management. Off-site monitoring and control when required
  • Maximum throughput. Exceeds military phase noise specs, allowing for aggressive modulation schemes
  • Mobility. Multi LO units to allow operation anywhere in the world
  • ARSTRAT certification. LNBs used on WGS satellites
  • Inmarsat GX certification. LNBs used on Inmarsat GX satellites
  • Customization. Performance Specifications and color all customizable

Orbital products are rugged and survivable, designed
to operate in the most challenging conditions.

+/- 1.0 DB

Gain Stability over temperature

Supports military operations in every climate. MIL-STD-810H

+25 DB OIP3


Great for multi-carrier operation

-92 DBC/HZ @ 100 KHZ

Phase Noise

Exceeds MIL-STD-188-164C specifications

Orbital Military Satcom Products

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