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Customers rely on commercial satcom systems for a huge range of diverse applications – including urban planning, environmental monitoring, disaster management, and other earth observation activities. Essential services such as satellite wireless internet and global news gathering also require stable networks. In addition, sectors including oil and gas depend on IoT data for equipment monitoring and maintenance so that they can operate efficiently and profitably.

Satellite network uptime is essential for all of these functions – so the reliability of every component is key.

At Orbital Research, we’ve designed products for the most demanding environments. We offer the industry’s best Ka Low Noise Amplifier, and we specialize in custom components built for specific requirements and exacting specifications. Our components are durable at any temperature, pressure, or force experienced on earth – and 35,000 km into space.

Key Product Features

  • High Performance. Noise Temperature, Phase Noise and linearity to maximize throughput
  • High availability. Design MTBF of >200,000 Hrs
  • Intuitive interface. Built-in push button controller for Multi LO units
  • Remote management. Off-site monitoring and control when needed
  • Mobility. Configurable to operate on commercial satellites anywhere in the world 
  • Customization. Easily adaptable to meet custom specifications 
  • Trustworthy. Supported by 5-year industry-leading warranty 

Commercial Satcom Product Features

-102 dBc/Hz
@ 100 kHz


Exceeds DVB-S2X Phase Noise masks for aggressive modulation

< 105K Noise Temperature

Ka Noise Temperature

Lowest Ka LNA NT on the market

+/- 0.5 dB
Gain Flatness

Gain Flatness over any 30 MHz

Spectral linearity to deliver high throughput

Orbital Commercial Satcom Products

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