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Rely on frequency converters built to handle the temperature, vibration, and G Forces your aircraft will endure in any given day.

Todays’ passengers expect reliable airplane Wi-Fi, whether for inflight entertainment or business connectivity. In the hyper-competitive airline industry, failure to meet customer expectations is risky – but grounding a plane to fix a faulty Wi-Fi communications system is expensive and inefficient.

For military aviation, the demands on airborne satcom are even more serious as reliable communication is essential to operations.

Orbital Research frequency converters and components can withstand a wide variety of environmental factors and fully meet the needs of both commercial and military customers. Designed to operate in extreme heat while standing on a desert tarmac — or extreme cold while above the clouds – our equipment provides the stability to keep inflight Wi-Fi working. With decades of experience manufacturing equipment for the aeronautics industry, we understand the quality that is required.

Key Product Features

  • Altitude Testing. Tested to perform at high altitudes 
  • Remote management. Extensive monitor and control points for external management systems 
  • Temperature Extremes. Desert tarmacs to chilling heights within minutes 
  • Mobility. Multiple Local Oscillator (LO) to operate anywhere in the world. 
  • Inmarsat GX certification. For use on Inmarsat Ka Satellites 
  • Vibration. Tested to stringent vibration profiles to survive and operate in extreme conditions. 
  • EMC/EMI Tested. To avoid interference with other airborne systems 

Orbital products are rugged and survivable, designed
to operate in the most challenging conditions.

-55C to +90C

Extreme temperatures

Supports military and commercial operations in every climate.

8 G's


Meets or exceeds aircraft vibration specifications (MIL-STD-810H, DO-160G)

-70,000 ft.

Extreme altitudes

Exceeds MIL-STD-810H specifications

Orbital LNBs, BDCs, and LNAs are:

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