Orbital 3300 C-Band PLL BDC

Orbital 3300 C-Band PLL BDC

10 to 40 dB gain, 250 to 800 MHz bandwidth, any C-band satellite

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Custom Engineering

  • Begin with the low noise figure of a proven quality LNB
  • Optimize Input and Output for superior VSWR
  • Modify LO frequencies preserving phase noise and stability
  • Modify and tune RF & IF filters for optimum response
  • Tune for very low bandpass ripple
  • Optimize Gain distribution for your system parameters


  • O ring sealed connectors for weather resistant operation
  • RoHS & REACH compliant


  • External DC connector – F, N, BNC or Feedthrough
  • Special Dual DC option via output coax and ext DC port
  • Temperature Compensated Gain Variation
  • Full test documentation available

BDC Solutions

The term BDC is commonly used to refer to the modules (which look like an LNB with the waveguide removed and replaced with a connector), and to the rack-mounted unit which might contain from one to several BDC modules.  BDCs are increasingly used in outdoor units at the antenna – ODUs, and have an indoor rack mounted controller – IDUs.  BDCs are commonly used when a client uses multiple BDCs and a single LNA to cover the entire band.

4 BDC Solution

Redundant Dual Polarity

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