Our iSwitch module is an ODU controller for Redundant LNB or BUC systems. The main advantage of this product is that it removes the need for an internal controller (IDU), expensive installation and cabling. All M & C signals can be accessed via the internet on a computer or smart phone with associated app.


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How to order

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When requesting a Quote

The following information will help us in providing a quote:

  1. Do you want us to quote:
    1. the Standalone iSwitch,
    2. the iSwitch and Waveguide (baseball) switch,
    3. the iSwitch and our LNBs (we don’t produce our own BUCs), or
    4. the complete iSwitch redundancy system (iSwitch, Waveguide Switch & LNBs)
  2. If using our LNBs, are they External Reference or PLL? (They are different prices.)
  3. What type of feed (OMT if in system) and antenna are you using?
    (To figure out mounting, weight, cable lengths – logistics. It may affect the quote.)

When Ordering

The following information will help us in supplying the correct configuration when ordering:

  1. Metric or SAE measurements?
  2. LNB to line up in E-plane or H-plane? There may not be an option here.
  3. If not using our LNBs or are using BUCs, please supply the model number.
    To ensure adequate power and proper current window setup.

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