1:2 KuXIR Ku-Band LNB Redundancy System

1:2 KuXIR Ku-Band LNB Redundancy System

RSSL1:2 Ku-Band Ext Ref Redundancy

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Orbital ODU Features:

  • Industry standard IFL with two coax cables and one control cable.
  • Uses standard LNBs from any manufacturer. LNBs are included and tested in the system
  • The Outdoor Unit is compact on one rail which is rack-mountable on a 19″ rack
  • ODU is pre-assembled on a 2 RU 19″ plate and fully wired and tested for plug and play installation.
  • The IDU is a 1RU chassis. Just connect the cables, plug the redundant power supply in and you are ready to go.

Orbital IDU Features:

  • The coax cables can go directly to the modems if the DC and 10 MHz can be shut off. Or the indoor controller can have DC & 10 MHz blocks in place if the modems can’t shut them off.
  • 1 unit high chassis. Simple LED display for monitoring. No cumbersome LCD menu to work through
  • Redundant Power Supply that is outside of chassis for easy service and replacement. Global power supplies to use anywhere in the world
  • Manual or automatic switching between LNBs.
  • Any DC or 10 MHz from the receivers are blocked by the IDU

Redundant Precision 10 MHz Oscillator

As an option, Orbital can provide dual internal 10 MHz Oscillators to ensure constant availability of the 10 MHz reference. If an Oscillator becomes faulty, the switch activates the other Oscillator and lights the LED on the front panel of a reference fault.

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