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1:1 KuXER Ku-Band LNB Redundancy System

1:1 KuXER Ku-Band LNB Redundancy System

RSSL1:1 Ku-Band Ext Ref Redundancy

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Orbital ODU Features:

  • Uses standard LNBs from any manufacturer. LNBs are included and tested in the system.
  • The Outdoor Unit is compact on one rail, which is rack-mountable on a 19″ rack, Or, on order, tell us your Antenna model and we will produce the mechanical to fit.
  • No on-site assembly is required. ODU is pre-assembled. Just mount, connect the cables and plug the redundant power supplies in.
  • IFL cable consists of one coax (with L-Band and 10 MHz signals) and one multi-wire cable that carries voltages and control line.

Orbital IDU Features:

  • 1 unit high chassis. Simple LED display for monitoring. No cumbersome LCD menu to work through
  • Redundant Power Supply that is outside of chassis for easy service and replacement. Or the power supplies can be placed inside. Global power supplies to use anywhere in the world
  • Manual or automatic switching between LNBs.
  • 10 MHz source can come from a separate source or, (as an option) with a back panel jumper, from the modem
  • Any DC from modem is blocked by IDU.

Cloud Based Remote User Interface Features:

  • Direct mimic of physical front panel.
  • Shows status in real time with near instantaneous status updates and control functionality.
  • Additional statistics and diagnostics available.
  • Works with standard web browsers – no need for complicated proprietary MAC systems
  • Can easily be integrated into existing network monitoring infrastructure
  • Top level map can show summary status of multiple systems in a network
  • System automatically connects to the Cloud Server through an Ethernet connection and the Internet

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